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Spreading Rolls from OpenSupply

Spreading Rolls are different types and designs. The purpose of a spreading roll is to stretch the width of the material. Therefore, the term “broadstring” roll is also widely used.

If you want to edit foil, paper or textile then you would rather not fold in the material. In this case, a Spreading Roll is often used.

  • The Curved Roll (or banana roll), the Spiral Roll, the Lathed Roll and the Corded Roll. Each with their specific characteristics and pros and cons. The Curved Roll is a curved roller, often with rubber lining, which forces the material through the bow. We also have the option to adjust the bow of the roller. Depending on the material or the need, you can set the force of the outward force.
  • A Spiral Roll has the same operation only this roller is straight. A Spiral Roll forces the material out with steel or rubber spirals. You can choose whether the spiral runs from the center to the sides or from one side to the other.
  • A Lathed Roll does the same only by using long slats that slide back and forth. The slats are connected to obliquely positioned bearings at the ends, allowing the slats to make this movement. We can still provide the slates with a coating material to make the operation even better.
  • A Cord Roll does not differ much from a lathed roll, but it only takes care of the periphery for the outside movement. By adjusting the material of the cords we can even better meet your requirements.

Why work with OpenSupply?

  • Our spreading rolls were designed specifically with optimum safety in mind
  • Our spreading rolls are designed for easy maintenance
  • Our spreading rolls are easy to attach and remove
  • Our spreading rolls are available in different versions and materials
  • We deliver spreading rolls for current and new installations
  • We have a huge stock and assortment of spreading rolls
  • OpenSupply is the multi-faceted and flexible supplier of industrial components

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