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eye bolts and nuts

OpenSupply, your supplier of industrial eye bolts and nuts

Hoisting a load has never been more simple with the broad range of eye bolts and nuts of OpenSupply. Our eye bolts are of an excellent quality and meet the machine guideline 2006/42/EC, and on request can be provided with certificate. All the eye bolts and nuts provided by OpenSupply meet all the legal requirements and standards.

We divide our eye bolts in various categories:


Fixed eyebolts

This type of eyebolt can spin around its axis. The unique thing about this is that the eyebolt will always turn in the right direction when carrying a load.

a. Eyebolt SEB
b. Eyebolt PE.SEB (fall safety)
c. Eye nuts SEB


Pivoting Bolts

This type of eye bolt not only spins around its axis, it also pivots. The slim design of the link makes it easy to attach.

a. Eye Bolt DSP
b. Eye Bolt DSR
c. Eye Bolt DSS


Pivoting eyebolts with an additional link or carabiner

This eye bolt not only spins around its axis, it also pivots. In addition, it is equipped with an extra link, allowing the hook to move in parallel to the support surface when hoisted under a 90 degree angle.

a. Eye bolt TSR
b. Eye bolt DSH

The right eye bolt or nut for the right job.

OpenSupply has years of experience providing all kinds of hoisting equipment. Not only for hoisting machines but also for transport, construction elements like window frames, as well as matrices in foundries. Do you have any questions about which eye bolt or nut you need for your hoisting job? Contact us and we will be happy to review the situation and recommend which of our products will help you get the job done.

OpenSupply and CODIPRO eye bolts.

For years, CODIPRO has been known to provide high-quality eyebolts and nuts that can be used in a wide variety of hoisting jobs. In addition to providing standard hoisting equipment, CODIPRO is also good at providing specialist solutions that can be delivered on a short-term basis.

For years, OpenSupply has been a supplier of CODIPRO hoisting equipment. Thanks to the many training sessions at CODIPRO and years of experience, we at OpenSupply can call ourselves “CODIPRO specialists”, something we are more than happy to use in the service of our clients.

Eyebolts and buts of all types and sizes.

For instance, if you are looking for an eye bolt that is suitable for hoisting matrices. Not a problem! OpenSupply can deliver what you need!
Of course, the eye bolts and nuts are available in the various standard measurements, like eye bolt M6, eye bolt M8, eye bolt M10, eye bolt M12 and bigger. Most of the equipment is available from stock and can be brought to your location quickly. The eye bolt and nuts are usually delivered in a sturdy casing that you can use for years.

Why work with OpenSupply?

  • We provide standard eyebolts from stock and/or within 5 workdays
  • All our eyebolts come in a robust packaging
  • We check and repair eyebolts in our own workshop
  • All our eyebolts are uniquely identifiable
  • Class > 8 eyebolts means a high safety factor and high workloads
  • All eyebolts are tested according to the EN 1677-1 standard
  • ISO 9001 certified

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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