Curved Spreader Rolls (banana roll)


The advantages of Curved Spreader Rolls

OpenSupply’s curved spreader roll guarantees an optimal performance
The spreader roll is equipped with the coating that best matches your application (or can be made of stainless steel)
As a result, the curved spreader roll is always a perfect fit for your particular application.

The Curved Spreader Rolls of OpenSupply

When winding or unwinding (for instance a paper or textile) spreader rolls play a crucial role. OpenSupply provides several types of spreader rolls, that are all designed for a high quality performance and that all perfect for the intended application, for example the curved spreader roll.

Like the other spreader rolls provided by OpenSupply, the spreader roll with stainless steel lathes is easy to apply and requires not much maintenance. The main features of the spreader roll with stainless steel lathes are:

  • The spreader roll acts by deformation
  • This spreader roll is the most polyvalent of the different spreader rolls
  • There are different kinds of coating available, or the spreader roll can be made completely of stainless steel
  • The curvature of the curved spreader roll can be fixed or variable

In short, the curved spreader roll can be adapted to meet the requirements of your specific application.

The coating of the curved spreader roll is determined by the application for which it is designed to be used, which guarantees the best performance under all circumstances

Ask us to send you more information today, we are more than happy to help you select the best product for your application. Or you can just order your curved spreader roll right now!

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