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Hand Sewing Machines

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OpenSupply, our supplier of industrial hand sewing machines

With our manageable, light an yet very robust industrial hand-sewing machines, you can sew together numerous materials in the most difficult places.

Fabric, knitted materials, coated materials. They’re just a few of the things that can be handled with our industrial hand-sewing machines.

Thanks to the light and ergonomic construction, the most difficult places become accessible. Together with our 12V battery pack, the sewing machine is extremely easy to use on scaffolding, hydraulic hoists and even ladders.

In addition, we can equip our industrial hand-sewing machines with various electro-motors, to use them at 12V, 48V, 110V, 220V or 240V, making suitable for every job anywhere in the world. Even a pneumatic transmission is possible when you have access to 3-5 bar.

Also have a look at our self developed 12V battery pack!

In addition, we also supply individual parts and accessories for our industrial hand-sewing machines.

OpenSupply also has its own workshop, where we are happy to repair and/or maintain your industrial hand-sewing machines. To maximize the lifespan of our industrial hand-sewing machines, we also carry out preventive maintenance. That way, the costs stay manageable and you can always depend on your industrial hand-sewing machine.

Waarom U met ONS samenwerkt:

  • We supply all our industrial hand-sewing machines from stock and/or within 10 workdays!
  • All our industrial hand-sewing machines are kept in robust cases!
  • We repair and maintain industrial hand-sewing machines in our own workshop!
  • Our industrial hand-sewing machines are the lightest of their kind!
  • You can use our industrial hand-sewing machines anywhere in the world!
  • We provide you with an ergonomic 12V battery pack that we developed ourselves!
  • We provide all the individual parts and accessories!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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