Corded Spreader Rolls


Some advantages of a cord roller

OpenSupply’s Corded Spreader Rolls always guarantees an optimum performance
The spreader roll is equipped in the material that best matches your application
As a result, the Corded Spreader Rolls is always a perfect fit for the application in question.

The OpenSupply Corded Spreader Rolls

For winding and unwinding, for instance, of fabrics or paper, spreader rolls are important tools. OpenSupply provides various kinds of spreader rolls, all guaranteed to yield an excellent performance and all matching the intended application. An example of these is the corded spreader rolls.

Like the other spreader rolls OpenSupply provides, the corded spreader rolls is easy to attach and detach, and requires little by way of maintenance. The main features of the corded spreader rolls are:

  • The spreader roll acts by spreading the material
  • This spreader roll is ideal for textiles and delicate materials
  • The spreader role is polyvalent (film, plastic, etc.)
  • These spreader rolls require little maintenance
  • The spreader rolls are available with different kinds of ropes

In short, OpenSupply’s corded spreader rolls can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

The corded spreader rolls is provided with the cords (different options are available) and the specific type of is determined by the application for which the spreader roll is meant to be used. That way, the corded spreader rolls always guarantees the best performance.

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