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Alveo tubes

OpenSupply, your supplier of Alveo Tubes

Alveo tubes are aluminum profiles. The unique and patented profile is very light, but also very rigid in construction. Our Alveo tubes consists of an inner and an outer tube, with are connected via Alveos.

Using an extrusion process, we are able to deliver our Alveo tubes in seven diameters, with a maximum length of 6m.

We distinguish 2 different types of Alveo tubes:

1.    Alveo tube 3RC with a round inner tube
Alveo tuve 3RC is the type of Alveo tube with the round inner casing. Ideal to be used as a guide roll in various machines and industries.

2.    Alveo tube 2RK with a square inner tube
Alveo tube 2RK is the type of Alveo tube with the square inner casing. Ideal to be used as a drive axle in various machines and industries.



Our Alveo tubes are ideal to be used anywhere where sheet materials are made and processed. Sheet material, like paper, foil, textiles, non-wovens, tapestries and laminates.



Our Alveo tubes are used in, among other things, industrial printers, accumulators, calender’s, printing and  packaging machines and anywhere where sheet materials have to pass through guide rolls.



Why? Because we are able to turn it into a complete assembled guide roll. Complete with stub axles or a continuous axle. With internal ball-beatings with one of the many smooth ball-bearing solutions we offer or externally in your layer-blocks.

In addition, we provide various post-processing activities, like adjusting, polishing, (plasma-)coating, rubbering, etc. Almost anything is possible.

As said, our Alveo tubes are most often used as guide rolls in machines and accumulator. However, with some minor adjustments, they can also be used as chill rolls.

One of the possible post-processing activities is applying grooves to the surface or the Alveo tubes. The advantage of this is that the materials will cling less easily to the guide roll. Another advantage is that the roll also serves as a light stretch roll. The groves can run from the center outward and thus help stretch the width of the material.

At the moment, we can supply our Alveotube 3RC in the following diameters: 48, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130, 145, 200 and 230 mm. Alveo tubes 2RK are available in the diameters 120 and 145 mm.

Why you should work together with OpenSupply:

  • We deliver our Alveotubes within 4-5 weeks!
  • All our Alveotubes are packaged in a sustainable and robust crate!
  • We coat, rubber, adjust and balance our Alveotubes!
  • Our Alveotubes are the lightest guided rolls in their kind!
  • We completely assemble our Alveotubes for you!
  • Our Alveotubes are unique, patented and multipurpose!
  • With only a few modifications, you can turn your Alveotube into a chill roll!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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