Safety Chucks


OpenSupply, your supplier of Safety Chucks

Our Safety Chucks are characterized by their robust construction. They are 100% made of steel, which greatly improves durability. We do not use castings that sometimes want to break down just at a time when it does not work out.

To get the right Safety Chucks it is important to know the total rolling weight. The rolling weight determines the size of the Safety Chucks. If the roll weight is determined you can choose from 2 mounting shapes: foot mounted or flange mounted.

Finally, choose the recording form. For example; a square, a diamond, a triangle or full enclosure. The square is the most durable, but the diamond has the advantage that the shaft slides easier in the Safety Chucks.

In addition to traditional pivot-able pivot bearings, we also have punch bearings or a slip-resistant safety bearing. Very usefull if you change pneumatically driven safety bearings often.

Let us advise which security store is best for you.

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