Spiral Spreader Rolls


A few advantages of Spiral Spreader Rolls

OpenSupply’s spiral spreader roll always delivers a top performance
The spiral spreader roll is equipped in the material that best matches your application (stainless steel, rubber, etc.)
As a result, the spiral spreader roll is always a perfect fit for your application.

Spiral Spreader Rolls from OpenSupply

For winding and unwinding of, for instance, fabrics or paper, spreader rolls are an important tool. OpenSupply provides different kinds of spreader rolls, which are all guaranteed to deliver an excellent performance and which match the intended application. An example of these is the spiral spreader roll.

Like all the other spreader rolls OpenSupply provides, the spiral spreader roll is easy to attach, detach and maintain. The main features of the spiral spreader roll are:

  • The spreader roll acts by spreading the material without effort
  • This spreader roll is mounded instead of guiding rolls
  • The thickness and depth of the spirals can be modified according to specification
  • These spreader rolls require no maintenance
  • The spiral spreader roll is available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel and rubber

In short, OpenSupply’s spiral spreader roll can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

The spiral spreader roll provided by OpenSupply is produced in the material of your choosing (for instance, aluminium, (stainless) steel, etc.) and the specific version is determined by the application for which the spiral spreader roll is intended. That way, the spiral spreader roll always guarantees the best performance.

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