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Chill Rolls


OPENSUPPLY, your supplier of Chill Rolls

We encounter chill rolls in numerous applications and industries. Traditionally, they are often used in the paper, plastic and textile industry, where sheet material needs to be cooled. These days, we also see more and more applications in the (petro-)chemical and food industries.

We distinguish 2 different types of chill rolls:

1. Alveo tube Chill Rolls
With a few constructive modifications, we are able to provide you with chill rolls on the basis of our Alveotubes.

2. Steel Chill Rolls
With our steel chill rolls, we are able to meet virtually all your demands. In addition, the steel chill rolls are better able to resist high pressures, and we are less dependent on the available diameters.

Our chill rolls are ideal to be used anywhere where sheet materials are made and processed. Sheet material, like paper, foil, textiles, non-wovens, tapestries and laminates.

Our chill rolls are used in, among other things, industrial printers, accumulators, calenders, printing and  packaging machines, foil machines.

Interlock Systems

For simple cooling of materials, we are happy to supply our chill rolls on the basis of our Alveotubes. These are aluminum profiles that, after a small modifications, can be used as chill rolls. Upon request, we can manufacture stub axles for single and double rotating couplings. These Alveotube chill rolls are used with cooling water up to about 90 degrees Centigrade with a low sheet tension.

For more serious jobs, we can provide our steel chill rolls, which can be completely customized and which can withstand greater pressure than our chill rolls based on Alveotubes. These chill rolls can also be equipped with a single or double rotating coupling.

OpenSupply is happy to provide you with the chill rolls and accessories, like rotating couplings, tubes, ball-bearings, etc. Our supplies even allow us to provide you with a complete turn-key chill roll.

Why work with us?

  • We deliver our Alveotubes within 4-5 weeks!
  • All our Alveotubes are packaged in a sustainable and robust crate!
  • We coat, rubber, adjust and balance our Alveotubes!
  • Our Alveotubes are the lightest guided rolls in their kind!
  • We completely assemble our Alveotubes for you!
  • Our Alveotubes are unique, patented and multipurpose!
  • With only a few modifications, you can turn your Alveotube into a chill roll!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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