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ADA Adapter



Bolt size: op to M24 of UNC 7/8”
Load: (same as corresponding eye bolt)
Material: steel (class 8)
Screwthread: Metric
Versions: standard and client specified

The ADA Adapter is an adapter specially developed for situations when you do not meet the correct bolt size. Despite the possibility toe manufacture our eye bolts to your specifications, sometimes adjustments may be necessary.

For on the go changes we have the ADA Adapter. Utilizing the external thread,  simply screw ADA Adapter into the available thread hole.

The internal thread is tailored to the eye bolt that you have selected. Therefore, we supply our ADA Adapter with metric and UNC threads.

In addition to our standard measurements, we can design the ADA adapter entirely to your specifications. Do keep in mind that the wall needs to be thick enough, so it’s not possible to make an ADA adapter for consecutive screw-thread measurements.
Our ADA adapters are made from high-quality steel with class > 8. The maximum load does not depend on the ADA adapters, but on the number and type of eye bolts you have selected..
Next to the standard eye bolts of Codipro, we also can deliver entirely on specs or even other brands of eye bolts. Ask us about it today!

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