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 Eye bolt GIGA DSS



Bolt size: up to M150
Load: up to 125 metric tons
Safety factor: max. 5
Indication total workload: 252.5 metric tons
Material: steel
Screw-thread: metric
Versions: Male
The GIGA DSS eye bolt, with its load of no less than 125 metric tons, is unique in its kind. If the Codipro program was impressive before, and it certainly was, the new GIGA DSS eye bolt opens up a whole new world for you and us when it comes to lifting heavy loads.

The offshore, road and waterworks and construction are typical industries where the GIGA DSS eye bolt comes into its own. But anywhere where an extremely heavy load needs to be lifted, of up to no less than 125 metric tons, the quality and performance of the GIGA DSS eye bolt is sure to convince you.

The GIGA DSS eye bolt comes in two versions: GIGA DSS and GIGA DSS + Q. The GIGA DSS eyebolt is equipped with an Allen screw, while the GIGA DSS + Q is equipped with a superbold® system.

GIGA DSS eye bolt is the male version of the DSS type, equipped with thread bolt up to M150. OpenSupply also provides the female version of the DSS type, with a thread hole of up to 52, the FE.DSS.

In addition to the steel versions of the DSS and FE.DSS eyebolts, this type of eye bolt is also available in stainless steel: SS.DSS for the male version and SS.FE.DSS for the female version.

All our standard Codipro eye bolts meet the machine guideline 2006/42/EC and are delivered with certificate.
Unable to find the right bolt size? No problem. We are happy to provide a solution with our adapters ADA!

In addition to our standard Codipro eye bolts, we also provide customized eye bolts or even other brands of eye bolts.

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