MBC Safety Chucks


The most important benefits of OpenSupply’s safety chucks

They are designed to guarantee maximum safety
They are designed for easy maintenance
They are easy to attach and remove
Different versions are available on request
The safety chucks are patented and of the highest quality

MBC Safety Chucks from OpenSupply

MBC Safety chucks: when performance and safety are important

When processing products under high circumstances, safety is very important, to prevent accidents and limit their effects when they do occur. MBC safety chucks were developed (and patented) with that idea in mind.

The MBC Safety chucks were designed to guarantee safety during winding and unwinding activities. The automatic blocking system offers protection in case of accidents.

The chucks are available in two versions


  • Chuck with pivoting disc
  • Chuck with sliding disc


  • Pneumatic chuck with simple or double effect
  • Pneumatic self-centric and multi-function

The chucks are available in the following ranges:

  • For cylinders between 150 and 60,000 kg
  • For torque between 10 and 40,000 Nm

The safety chucks were designed especially for easy maintenance. They are quick and easy to attach and remove. The design of the MBC safety chucks is ergonomic and user-friendly.

The safety chucks are available with foot and flange fixation. They are also available with or without shaft end. Besides our standard shaft ends we gladly engineer to your specifications.

The MBC safety chucks offer a high level of flexibility when it comes to applications and geometry, as well as in terms of locking mechanisms.

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