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Alveo Tube 2RK


Finish: adjusting, grooving, balancing
Assembly: (ball-)bearings, stub axle or continuous axle in all types, measurements and materials
Coating: anodising, chromium, Teflon, plasma, sandblasting, etc.

Alveotuve 2RK is the type of Alveotube with the square inner casing. Ideal to be used as a drive axle in various machines and industries.

We deliver the Alveotube as a “smooth” profile at length, allowing you to finish the processing.

If you prefer to receive the Alveotube 2RK as a plug-and-play guide roll, that is no problem. It is even a guarantee for the best result!

Thanks to our years of experience and extensive network of suppliers, we can construct the Alveotube that best matches your process.

We can adjust the Alveotube up to 0.2mm/m or balance it. A must if you has us coat your Alveotube, for instance with a non-adhesive plasma or rubber coating.

Our experience also guarantees a smooth-running Alveotube, thanks to our sophisticated bearing solutions.

The Alveotube 2RK is available in the following diameters: 120 and 145 mm, up to a length of 6 meters.

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