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Self Developed 12V Battery Packet

We are happy to supply you with any parts for all types of industrial hand-sewing machines:

•    Needles
•    Crochet hooks
•    White or black yarn
•    Oil

Thanks to the various electro-motors, our industrial hand-sewing machines are suitable for various voltages. In addition to the “standard” voltages of 220V for Northern Europe and 110V for North-America, our industrial hand-sewing machines are most often used with 12V.

That has led us to develop our own ergonomic and light-weight 12V battery pack. Our complete batter pack consists of a battery pack with 12 high-quality batteries, a battery charger and a coiled cord.

This pack always allows you to do what you need to do in the most difficult places and under the most extreme circumstances. The 12V battery pack is also available separately, without industrial hand-sewing machine, and the various components can also be bought individually.

If you want to make sure that our industrial hand-sewing machine with 12V battery pack is suitable for your material, you can send us a sample, which we will be happy to test on all the industrial hand-sewing machines that we keep in our warehouse.

In addition, OpenSupply has its own workshop, where we can carry our repairs on your industrial hand-sewing machine. To maximize the lifespan of our industrial hand-sewing machines and 12V battery packs, we can also carry out preventive maintenance. That way, the costs stay manageable and you can always depend on your industrial hand-sewing machine.

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