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Type E-UL (ETK NewLine)

Single-phase transformer

At face value, transformers appear to be simple devices, but in reality, they are extremely specialized products and form a central part of each factory. For every application, the right material has to be used to safeguard function and economy. The products #OpenSupply provides are based on years of knowledge and experience, which means we can always offer our customers the best solution.

Control transformer (single phase) Type E-UL (ETK NewLine)

In building single-phase transformers, we use high-quality materials and vacuum impregnation, for example in the single-phase Type E-UL (ETK NewLine), a control transformer.

Designed as safety transformer, with 24 V output.

  • Individual windings with safety separation through double/reinforced insulation
  • Input for each type between 230V and 400V, including tapping with +/- 15V
  • Spring-cage terminals – user-friendly, time-efficient, vibration-proof – all connections up to 0.2 – 4 mm² or AWG 24 – 10.


Equipped with a combination of base plate up to 250 VA, which can be mounted onto rails (EN 50022). Also available shortly with optional fail-safe protection up to 250 VA, safeguarding against overload and short circuiting without using additional fuse elements.

  • High-quality, tropical vacuum impregnation in polyester impregnation resin.
  • Ambient temperature 45 ° C and insulation class 130 ° C (B) – ISC class 130 (B).
  • Suitable for installing control cabinets with UL approval to UL 508A.
  • Planned future certificates: GL, ENEC, EAC..

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