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Steel Chill Rolls


Our steel chill rolls Alveo tubes can be used in 2 ways:

a.    Single
The cooling medium flows through the steel chill roll from left to right.
In this case, 2 single rotating couplings are used. In terms of construction, this is the simplest way.

b.    Double
The cooling fluid moves back and forth through the chill roll. In this case, a double rotating coupling is used. It is important to determine whether the siphon pipe moves with the chill roll or stands still.


With our steel chill rolls, we are able to meet virtually all your demands. In addition, the steel chill rolls are better able to resist high pressures, and we are less dependent on the available diameters. On the other hand, of course, the steel chill rolls are heavier than our Alveotube chill rolls.

In addition to determining whether or not the siphon pipe moves with the chill roll, a number of other choices have to be made in terms of construction. For instance, the steel chill rolls can be equipped with a double wall to guide the cooling medium, or through a spiral. This will depend, among other things, on the intended application of our chill roll.

We are more than happy to discuss this with you and, together with our suppliers, will provide you with a suitable advice.



Why you work together with OpenSupply?

  • We deliver our Alveotubes within 4-5 weeks!
  • All our Alveotubes are packaged in a sustainable and robust crate!
  • We coat, rubber, adjust and balance our Alveotubes!
  • Our Alveotubes are the lightest guided rolls in their kind!
  • We completely assemble our Alveotubes for you!
  • Our Alveotubes are unique, patented and multipurpose!
  • With only a few modifications, you can turn your Alveotube into a chill roll!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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