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Type RKT

Single-phase transformer

Special Versions

EN 61558-2-2 / VDE 0570-2-2 – Single-phase control transformer
EN 61558-2-15 / VDE 0570-2-15 – Single phase isolation transformer for medical applications.
EN 61558-2-16 / VDE 0570-2-16 – Single-phase transformers for switching power supplies
on request, according to EN 60601-1 / VDE 0750
Railway applications – Transformers and reactors on rail vehicles
Transformers and reactors for maritime applications
Additional windings and cranes possible
DC power supply with toroidal transformer
Screen as a wire or foil winding
Other designs and settings available upon request

Single-phase transformer Type RKT

Within the power range up to 630 kVA, OpenSupply provides single-phase transformers with an input voltage of up to 1000 V, and a design and construction that comply with EN 61588 or VDE 0570, and possibly with other standards, such as UL / CSA, as well.

OpenSupply carries a wide range of transformers that are suitable for a multitude of applications, including the Type RKT single-phase transformer.



To supply power in control and control technology with a small footprint. Low weight, minimal power loss, low noise emission, no interference fields and an excellent adaptation to a certain volume are also included. The use as a disconnection or safety transformer guarantees a safe network separation. Substantial savings compared to transformers with separate coils if dimensioned as an auto-transformer.


Versions according to EN 61558

Open design (IP 00, installation max. IP 23)
Version with residual holes
Version with full joint

UL up to 600 V version

Isolation transformer TYP R-UL
Autotransformer of the RS-UL type
Full approval in accordance with XPTQ2 / XPTQ8
UL 5085-1 / -2 and CSA C22.2 no. 66.1-06 / 66.2-06
Open design IP 00
Version with residual holes


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