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NIP Control Width Meter


The main features of the OpenSupply Nip Width Meter:

Perform accurate and fast measurements
Measurements are shown in millimeters or inches
Instant access to necessary information
Quickly make precise adjustments
Improves your printing process speed
Far more accurate than the naked eye
The Nip Width Meter can be calibrated during process

The combination of the Nip Control Pressure Meter and NIP Control Width Meter from OpenSupply ensures a faster and more accurate printing process.


OpenSupply, uw leverancier van hijsogen, oogbouten en oogmoeren

The Second generation Nip Width Meter comes with new electronic measurement, improved software and even greater precision. With traceable calibration it can measure width in both millimeters or inches.

Measurements are accuratel, fast and precise.

In offset printing, the width of the gap between the cylinders is of great importance to ensure that the ink is transferred properly. Deviations can lead to unwanted problems and poor quality. The desired width depends on the type of ink, the amount of ink, the viscosity and other things.

It is not always easy to accurately analyze ink lines. Sometimes the width is measured from the inside of the line, and sometimes from the outside. In many cases, however, it remains a guess.

A better method to measure: the Nip Width Meter!

The OpenSupply Nip Width Meter uses a different technique, and measures the width of the gap from the moment that pressure is effectively applied to the gap until the pressure is released.

This means that OpenSupply’s Nip Width Meter now offers you an advanced technological instrument that measures the actual width under pressure, and does not rely on an estimate based on the ink lines.


Easy to use

  1. Place the tip of the sensor blade between the rollers
  2. The display shows the measurements – in millimeters or inches
  3. Set the gap to the desired position.
  4. It is important to make measurements at both ends of the gap and in the middle. The advantage of the Nip Width Meter is that the dimensions are always the same – regardless of who takes the measurements.

No ink is needed to take measurements, so nothing needs to be cleaned after the measurements have been taken. However, if you want to take measurements while working with ink, you can do that too. The Nip Width Meter can be calibrated in during the process.

Why OpenSupply?

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