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KAITE Flat Spray KAN


They provide a more hygienic workplace

They are flexible, sturdy and easy to use

They can be used for a variety of applications

They are easy to clean

The V ‘JET flat spray nozzles by OpenSupply

The V ‘JET flat spray nozzles – when it really needs to be clean

Under any circumstances, you want to deliver the best product, so you do not want to contaminate your material, products or work environment. Besides, you want you and your people to work in a clean environment.

The V ‘JET flat spray nozzles – applications and benefits

That is why OpenSupply carries a range of specialised products that have more than proven their value. One of those products is the V ‘JET flat spray nozzle, designed for industrial cleaning, cleaning bottles, foam control, washing coals and gravel, industrial washing machines, car washes, paint jobs, etc.

Reasons for using our flat spray nozzles

The V ‘JET flat spray nozzles have additional applications as well, which we are more than happy to tell you about. If you want to know more about this product, or about one of our many other products, contact us today.