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DC power supply UPS module


Input voltage normal operation: SELV 24 V DC
Protection class IP 20
Ambient temperature 0 ° – 40 ° C
Operation of output current buffer: 10 A for max. 3 minutes / 6 A for max. 5 minutes / 3 A for max. 10 minutes
Power range with normal operation: 21.5 – 29 V DC
Transmitted malfunction EN 61000-6 -3 / -4, (Class B)
Immunity EN 61000-6 -1 / -2
Safety EN 609550 / VDE 0805
Normal operation: max. 1.5 A
Normal operation: duration: 10 A DC, peak: 15 A DC max. 5 s
Protection level III

DC power supply UPS module

In accordance with VDE 0570-2-6 or EN 61558-2-6, DC power supplies are used in switchgear, distribution boards, and machines and devices with safety extra-low voltages, for secure network separation.



The UPS module, in combination with regulated (or non-regulated) SBA DC power supplies, provides a continuous 24 V DC power supply. If the 24 V DC control voltage fails (or the power fails), the battery continues working without interruption to prevent:

  1. Hazardous conditions for operating personnel
  2. Data loss
  3. Damage to the tools
  4. Other undesirable situations


  • Compact design in black metal housing
  • Can be mounted onto DIN rail and clicked according to DIN EN 50022
  • Integrated maintenance-free lead-acid battery (2.2 Ah)
  • If the output voltage of the DC power supply fails (or if there is an under voltage in the 24 V DC control circuit (U <21 V DC)), the battery switches without interruption (without time loss)
  • In the buffer position, the maximum output voltage is 27.6 V (no load) and approx. 24 V (nominal load), depending on the condition and duration of the charge on the battery
  • The UPS operation is automatically terminated when the DC input voltage goes back to normal
  • The AL alarm output indicates that the battery is discharged to approximately 21 V DC

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