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DC power supply Type UDGC


Input voltage AC 3 x 200/208/220/230/240/255/265/280/290/300/360/380/400/415/420/440/460/480/500/520 V
SELV DC 24 V output voltage according to EN 61131-2
Protection class IP 00
Ambient temperature max. 60 ° C, max. 45 ° C (for UL)
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power range 192 W – 864 W
Immunity EN 61000-6 -1 / -2
Protection class I

DC power supply Type UDGC

In accordance with VDE 0570-2-6 or EN 61558-2-6, this type of (three-phase) DC power supply is used in switching equipment, distribution boards, and machines and devices with safe extra-low voltages, while the built-in transformer guarantees a secure network separation. This product is available with a VDE-UL certificate and ensures a trouble-free operation.



For general use, for example the supply of circuits in distributions, machines, equipment, etc. With safe extra-low voltage (SELV). Especially suitable as a power supply for programmable logic controllers (PLC). The input side can be adjusted to 20 accommodate different mains voltage values.


  • Open design (IP 00, installation max. IP 23)
  • DC power supply according to VDE 0570-2-6 / EN 61558-2-6,
  • VDE 0805 (EN 60950), UL 1950, CSA Universal coil input
  • Components on the output side are covered according to VDE 0106, part 100
  • High-quality, tropical vacuum impregnation in black polyester impregnating resin
  • Printed performance data with circuit diagram
  • Devices are protected by overloading and short-circuiting by built-in fuses
  • No extra protection required during installation
  • The output voltage is indicated by a green LED

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