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Coils Type DD-UL-G in housing IP 23


Protection class IP 23
Ambient temperature max. 40 ° C
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Max power range 18 kVA
Max rated current 3 x 1000 A
Thermal class 130 (B) / 155 (F)
Nominal voltage max. 3 x 600V
Protection class I

Coils Type DD-UL-G in housing IP 23

Single or three-phase coils are necessary elements in the safety and functioning of electrical applications. They are made by OpenSupply on the basis of EN 61558-2-20, with special core assemblies and a high-quality vacuum impregnation using black polyester resin. We manufacture both network, commutation and reactors.



Approved according to XPTQ
Approved as a stand-alone device
For use as an AC reactor of any kind
No installation required in the control cabinet
Can be used without further testing


  • On request with PG inputs
  • Standing on U-profiles
  • Safe connections on screw connections according to BGV A3 (in the higher current range on bolts or copper rails)
  • High-quality, tropical vacuum impregnation with polyester impregnating resin
  • Wear-proof, heat-, UV- and solvent-resistant type plate
  • Special versions are available upon request

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