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Valve Seals


Pressure: up to about 250 bars
Measurements: up to about DN600
Materials: Messing, stainless steel, ASTM, carbon steel, PVC and many more

We provide our valve seals in many types and sizes. Like our ball valves, valve seals can be equipped with various connections, like a flange connection, a weld connection or screw-thread. In the case of our ball valves, you can even choose to have it manufactured from 2 or 3 parts.

The valve seals of OpenSupply can be provided in almost any material. For instance, stainless steel, messing, ASTM, carbon steel or PVC.

Many of our valves can be provided with quality marks/certificates, like Atex II2, AP1607, Fire safety BS6755 or IINACE MR-0175.

Valves of OpenSupply can also be automated and equipped with a pneumatic or electric actuator. Our automated valves include, among other things, wafer valves, valve seals, butterfly valves and gate valves.

Do you prefer an automated ball valves? Then take a look at our electric valves or pneumatic valves.

We also supply appendages like filters, check valves, condensation tanks, tubing, compensators, floats and fittings.

When it comes to safety, OpenSupply has a lot to offer as well. Our and your valves can be equipped with a Valve Interlock System.

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